Webinar: SNAP for Beginners: Why, How, What

  • Topic: SNAP for Beginners: Why, How, What
  • Focus: If you are an IFPUG user, thinking that some software development activities are not fully sized by their functional requirements, this session can be the answer to your needs! Talmon Ben-Cnaan will speak about the main concepts of SNAP, which sizes non-functional requirements: we will explain the logic behind SNAP, why you should use it, how you can establish SNAP sizing in your organization along with FPA, and provide some examples about how to count. As for dessert (with the coffee), we will share feedback from SNAP users.
  • Speaker: Talmon Ben-Cnaan, Chairperson, IFPUG Non-Functional Sizing Standards Committee
  • When: Originally recorded March 24, 2021


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