White Paper: FPA Applied to BPM-Based System Projects

The IFPUG Function Point Analysis (FPA) method is a proven software sizing technique. This software sizing technique applies to a wide variety of software approaches such as web, client-server, data warehouses and real-time software, among others. This paper provides guidance on applying the CPM (Counting Practices Manual) 4.3.1 FPA rules to measure systems based on the Business Process Management (BPM) approach. To set the stage for applying the FPA method in the BPM context, this paper first presents background material describing BPM concepts and Business Process Management Suite2 (BPMS3) components and Workflow Management System (WfMS). Section 3 provides background material by compiling excerpts from published materials on those topics. Section 4 explains how to apply FPA to measure BPM-Based System Projects. Section 5 illustrates examples of FPA applied to BPM-Based System Projects.

To address the non-functional requirements (technical and quality) of BPM-Based System Projects, use this paper in conjunction with the paper “Integrating Procedures for Function Point Analysis and the Software Non-functional Assessment Process (SNAP).”

The intended audience of this paper includes all levels of professionals who need to apply FPA to measure BPM-Based System Projects. Those who need to interpret and use the results of such measurements in the context of project estimating, planning and control also will find this paper of interest.



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