Webinar: Non-Functional Measurement in a Functional World

Abstract of the Webinar:
SNAP is the IFPUG methodology that enables the measurement of the non-functional size of the software. But how to manage the estimation process in companies that use function points as the only agreed driver to assess software production effort, or has some non-structural or unrepeatable method for the non-functional effort? In this webinar, we propose a pragmatic approach to non-functional size estimation. The process is based on and compatible with the SNAP methodology, therefore it can improve estimation accuracy. We will show how to integrate SNAP into such situations, and how to manage its introduction into companies that use functional size to measure the size of their assets.”

Key Highlights About Topic:
We will propose a pragmatic, SNAP-based approach to non-functional size estimation. We will show a possible way to the introduction of this approach in a company with a considerable amount of applications measured at function points where there is not a structured approach to non-functional measurement yet.


Fabrizio di Cola, Chair of IFPUG Non-Functional Sizing Standards Committee (NFSSC) 

Daniele Zottarel, Member of IFPUG Functional Sizing Standards Committee (FSSC) member of IFPUG Non-Functional Sizing Standards Committee (NFSSC) and CFPS Fellow


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